My most beloved companion King of my heart ❤️Raj ❤️ 10/06/07- 05/04/19
It is not the same without you since the day I had to make the most painful and hardest decision in my life ,but what I could not change was your health and time. If God had given me a choice to sacrifice everything I owned in exchange to blessing you with good health and many more years , without a second I know I would.As you were my precious treasure in life ,a part of me . You taught me many morals in life and were my guardian Angel ,you were there no matter what, no judgments and no expectations.You helped me in life for the better and never hurt me ever. I loved you before you were born , and my love and care and devotion for you only grew stronger.You are the best good boy your mom can ever have. I love you so much and miss you too much.My loyal companion? I wish our soul’s will meet again, until then I imagine you constantly by my side and running happy in the fields , wild and Free, my dearest Raj.You are a part of me.
You were unconditional❤️

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