This is the post I never wanted to have to write… but that we all know is inevitable.
Today I am thankful for 12 yrs. spent with my Mo – and only wishing it could have been more ?
Our vacation was not what I anticipated. A mere 10 hrs. after arriving in Nova Scotia, I had to say goodbye to Mocha. My silver lining, that I have to look for in every situation, is that it may have been sudden and a terrible shock, but she didn’t suffer. She was happy and enjoying herself – until she just wasn’t and something was terribly wrong. The emergency vet in Dartmouth was a kind, caring and compassionate young woman.

Mocha started off as the family dog. She was usually a bit aloof and she tolerated our affection with an, “if you must” expression. For the past 6 yrs. or so, she has been my constant companion and my furry little shadow. Trying to order a new collar for her was the reason that WAGZ WEAR Personalized Dog and Pet Accessories even came to be.
Mo grew considerably more affectionate over the years – or maybe the girls and I just finally clued in and understood what she wanted! She loved to be chased with a squeaky toy in her mouth; her iBone was her favourite- we think -It made her cry, lol. She loved her walks and the creature comforts; sofas, her beds… and mine. She loved shoulder and ear scratches and loved to share my cereal – and cheese, carrots, peanut butter, tuna… and ice cubes – ice cubes were her best treat! She was a quirky girl, a real beauty and my wonderful side-kick, and the girls and I will always know that she loved us in her “Mo-Dog way”.
We love you and will miss you so much sweetie.
You were such a good girl ?? – ???❤️ ,

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