Hello, my baby Honey has passed away on the 2/06/2020 during these scary times. Honey was gentle, loving, compassionate and only ever wanted to make you feel better. Heartbreaks, if you were I’ll, if you had a fight, anxiety, bad day in college/school/work she was there for me through it all. From when i was 9 up until i was 22 and forever!’ This lady has been my best friend. It’s not even been 24 hours since we said goodbye but i miss her so much. My heart hurts. Everything hurts i can’t imagine a life without her. She’s my everything. She always will be. Please send prayers towards me and my families way. She had a special bond with us all. My dad and her were best friends. Same with my mam and my sister. She loved us all. She wasn’t well for a week and it turned out she had cancer, we just thought it was the unusual heat we were receiving in Dublin. They found a Tumor in her stomach. She wasn’t eating or drinking water. She just slept, On June 2nd the vet took her in and said it wasn’t looking good and we should come down, she knew we were there with her, she knew. She went peacefully, i am so happy honey that you are no longer in pain. I’m sorry if you felt pain. You were the best thing that came into our lives. You healed us. You made us so happy and full of joy and THATS the best gift you could of given us as a family. You are family. You are part of our family since day one and until forever. Wait for us, we will meet again someday. For now, run around and play with grandad and bark at the little things and smile in the sun and run around until you get tired and need a 3 minute nap until you’re ready to run around again. I’ll never forget you. I’ll be up to see you sometime in the future but I’ll never not say your name on earth. I love you, we love you. Forever and always my baby. You’re at peace now. Fly high my love, tell everyone we say hi! ? ? ?

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