How to help a family with a visual reminder, something to hold on to of their beloved deceased pet
It´s only been a few short weeks since my beautiful Golden Retriever died. However, I am like most grieving pet parents, I´m scared that I will forget all of the details about him.
My step-daughter felt the same way – she wanted to remember everything she could about this dog that grew up with her. This big love that she remembers coming home from the breeder as a bundle of fur, love and joy. Yes, we all wanted to remember all of the details as they were such a big part of our life, the star of the chapter in our life story with a title of “Mike The Dog.”
Having this frame with his actual paw print in clay as well as a snippet of his fabulous Golden hair is so special to both of us,… Those big paws that we rubbed for him, to initially relax him but then it ended up having the same effect on us as well! And, that gorgeous blonde/red fur! How many hours did we brush him, how many times did we vacuum our carpet because of him, and how many times did we fall asleep next to him, with that soft fur as a pillow! So many memories,..
And, then, most importantly, right next to his paw print and fur clipping is a gorgeous photo of him,.. one that shows his smile. One that shows his gentle personality. And, one that shows our Big Boy in all of his glory of loving life.
But, all of this packaged together – a remembrance of the most awesome unconditional love that we all still feel in our hearts to this day.
Guide your families. Educate them on options like these. Trust me, they will thank you, they will remember you, and they will forever be grateful that you gave to them a memory to hold onto forever.