The most pure form of love remembered.

This past week, I went home to attend the funeral of a wonderful and dear sweet woman,… Aunt Lula would have been 98 years old in November and had an absolutely beautiful life. We were blessed to have her so long and she was equally blessed with a wonderful 97 years.

In honoring her memory with the abundance of stories – the conversation turned to Blackie. Blackie was a beautiful little girl who was my first childhood dog. A “Heinz 57” is what my mom called her – and a gorgeous mix she was! During our childhood years of three kids – there was not a better babysitter in town. Mom would recant how she would get a call that my brothers and I had wandered off a bit far – and were dangerously close to a road or somewhere that we should not be. However, no human being could get close to us, as Blackie would park her 20-pound body between us and whatever harm lie ahead and protect us like no other! She endured being dressed up, moving, changes in the house, the addition of many other four-legged friends, and basic life events.

As we got older, and her age began to show, it became apparent that she wanted nothing to do with the commotion of teenagers in a house. For many years, she had also taken to Aunt Lula´s house. A home with no children, a home that was much quieter and a home that provided much needed respite many a times – she now began to spend more of her time with them than with us,… However, we knew she was in good hands. We also knew that she was getting the best of all worlds – two families to love her.

In 1979, we knew that Blackie wanted what most seniors want – to winter out of the blustery Kansas snow and cold! Therefore, we loaded her up with us on that Christmas trip to Arizona and took her to see Aunt Lula! Oh, she loved it there! No cold to worry about – she was the only child – and they spoiled her even more! I did not even think that was possible!

My heart beams now,… I know that Aunt Lula has her arms wrapped around Blackie – so glad to once again see the little fur love that brought her so much happiness for so many years.

Yes. The absolute most pure form of love I can think of.

Rest in peace, Aunt Lula. Say hello to Blackie for me – and tell her how much I miss her too.

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