Sometimes people get really confused as to how to buy an urn for their beautiful creature! I, on the other hand, look at almost anything and can see not an urn, but a vessel for permanent memorialization. Follow me here with not only some of my decisions, as well as some information on how YOU can choose something that is so meaningful and indicative of the life lived by a loved pet, or even human.

Check out Crisco’s urn? Can’t see it in this photo? It’s right there! This beautiful portrait of him that my special friend Dr. Kathy Cooney and her team sent to me when Crisco died. Isn’t it gorgeous?! After I opened this incredibly special piece and shared it with Chris, he literally gasped and said “oh my gosh! Those are the EXACT colors I was seeing for Crisco’s urn! The EXACT colors!” So, with a bit of ingenuity and careful work, we went about un-gluing a small corner of the piece, just large enough that we could tuck his ashes into the piece, and then resealed the piece back up! Voila! It was so perfect!

The Heartgard snowman? He was only a few months old when Heartgard handed these goofy snowmen out to their supporting veterinary clinics and they shared one with us for our spoiled-rotten boy. It was THE toy his entire 16.5 years of life, and was known by our entire circle who cared for him as Snowy. He destroyed the first one like puppies do so I put out an all-call among my veterinary and pet loving friends to find more of these toys! Thank God we scored 3 of them! It took him a few years to go through the second one, even with tons of patching and stitching. Two remained, of which one he carried until the day he died and went with him through cremation, and of course one that needed to stand guard lovingly next to his urn. Isn’t it so beautiful?

So, think about these things for some ideas for your precious loves:
* Were treats THE thing at your house? Use their treat jar for their urn.
* Loved chasing balls? Whether it’s a tennis ball or another type of ball, cut a hole in the piece and tuck the ashes inside then carefully glue the piece back together. Imagine that sitting next to a photo with your beloved dog holding that same ball in their mouth!
* Your kitty love their toys and feathers? Take a shadow box frame and put the ashes into various toys, affixing all the toys, favorite feather pieces, possibly some photos and a loving message all into the piece. So special!

Those are just some thought starters for you! Of course, I’m always here if you need me to help you with more ideas! Just message me!

Just wanted to end this piece with a little melancholy… RIP, Crisco. I am fully reminded of the color you brought into our world with your beautiful yet rotten self through your final resting place. I am also reminded of how much I miss you. Love you always, Little Guy. RIP.

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