Somewhere… Over The Mysterious Rainbow.

Most every pet lover who’s experienced the death of a precious pet is familiar with the touching story Rainbow Bridge. This beautiful description is of a magical place animals go after they die, waiting on their human to join them, crossing Rainbow Bridge together to be in a paradise for an eternity.

If you’re reading this, possibly  you have been one of those pet lovers whose world has been rocked by the death of an amazing creature. And,  possibly you too are one of those who searches for words of hope or signs of comfort, to understand more deeply the aspect  of loving and then losing such a perfect love.

Invariably a discussion on Rainbow Bridge and the hereafter of pets  leads to a bigger question “Do pets go to heaven?” Everyone believes differently regarding this subject and everyone has a different source for their beliefs. Some of these beliefs have been taught, some are theological in nature, while some are longings for what they want to believe. Whatever the basis, everyone will have their own, and quite frankly everyone deserves to have their own.

The death of a pet can sometimes be met with resistance by those who don’t understand the human animal bond. “It’s just a dog” or “you shouldn’t cry that hard” wreaks havoc on a grieving pet lover when all they want is support.

So, with that… as a pet lover, and one who has experienced the love, and possibly the heartbreak of a special animal, own your own Rainbow! For those that try to negate the hurt, the grief, and the subsequent beliefs of a hopeful type of story such as Rainbow Bridge, let’s face it, these same people didn’t understand how someone can love a dog, a cat, or any other creature while the pet was alive. Therefore, to understand the loss and the emotional journey when the pet dies will certainly be a mystery.

Therefore, own your own Rainbow!

• Honor your pet in the way that’s right for you.

• Grieve and mourn for that pet in the way your heart requires. While the internal emotion of grief will be real and big, the  external expression of that grief, the mourning-journey, might be met with negativity and questions. Mourn that special love anyway. Your special pet deserves every tear.

• Whatever you want to believe about the here after and pets, believe it. Trust in the mystery of what makes the most sense  to you. You don’t need to explain it, and you certainly don’t need to justify it to anyone. Own you own Rainbow and travel your grief journey with signs of hope that make the most sense to you.

• Believe in the mystery. One grieving pet parent shared she was so worried Rainbow Bridge wasn’t real and true. All she  wanted was to believe, but people literally told her not to. What do you want to believe? Whatever it is, it’s yours. Your personal Over The Rainbow should have its own beauty and its own meaning, much like the unique relationship that was only yours, too.