The spirit of a pet´s love

Our pets create such a spirit of forever love in our hearts that it amazes me every time I think about it. It does not matter if the pet is living or deceased, the discussion of this love will reach deep down into a person´s heart and bring about such a rainbow of colorful emotions to re-call this love – or to relay it in a present tense.

For those of us whose lives have seen that special pet – the one that is deemed “my heart” – come and go, these pets come to us in a variety of different ways. It might be the first born for a couple, the first pet as an adult, the pet that was there during a rough time – or to see the happy times – whatever it may be, there seems to be the one that absolutely stole a heart. The one that even years later will find that tear-faucet to turn on – and still evoke such emotion over the love – and the love lost – that it feels like it was just yesterday and they were still here. Yesterday that we felt their furry love, held their trusting heads in our hands, and gave our hearts to them to hold. To hold forever.

Nevertheless, time marches on – and life continues to unfold. And, while the events of the day, week, month and year continue to add to the colorful quilts of our lives, the love that we had, the love that we lost, will forever be a part of the thread that weaves these stories together. In addition, it is a quilt that I, personally, am proud to say that “my heart,” my special little girl, Mico, truly lent the color to this part of the masterpiece of my life.