The Unconditional Love – I Love It!

It sure does make any day better, doesn´t it?
You know, sometimes you just have “one of those days.” Maybe nothing goes wrong but you´re just not quite on the top of your game. Happened to me this week.
What made it all better? My four little babies! How can you not look at these little faces, watch their little antics and just smile? It just makes everything “be okay” or, if nothing better, it makes me know that I am loved for who I am – and just because! There´s no pressure, they ask nothing of me but to love them back, and they worship the times that all I do is pet them and kiss their little heads. Isn´t that something – the smallest gestures, the ones that cost nothing or come with no strings attached, is all they want from me.
Ah, the unconditional love. How do people survive without it?