Give families the service that your team does best!

I just got back from a fabulous conference. Alright, it was a conference of insurance executives, but it was incredible as it was all about marketing! Always an interesting topic!

The highlight of the conference was a “cast member” from the Disney Institute. There is nothing more interesting than understanding the behind the scenes work that goes on at the world´s most famous entertaining park. A park with cast members who are all about creating an experience for their visiting guests.

It was in this presentation that I was redirected in some of my teachings and consulting services as well as in my own modus operandi. For so many years, I have pounded my fist and have told myself and those that I teach to “Think outside of the box.” Be different. Be your own unique self in your business operations. Think outside of the box and outside of the mainstream of what´s going on.

My Aha Moment came when Nicole, a cast member from Disney, eloquently reminded the group that it´s okay to think inside the box. That´s what they do at Disney. When a new business idea comes on the docket for discussion, the first steps they take are to make sure that the new idea falls within the mission of Disney. To make sure that the new idea complements what Disney is about. To make sure that the new idea is what people think of when they think of Disney – not an idea that will make people say “Hm,… that doesn´t make me think of Disney?”

So, I come to you as you think about a pet loss business. I give you permission to think inside the box. Your probably thinking that you want to provide “services” to families. Furthermore, that might be what your existing business is already all about – being known for providing high quality service to families and for creating unique experiences that help a family in honoring their loved one. Therefore, when you´re looking at adding pet loss services to your business, it should look just like that. Your services should be about the services that you provide to a family. The experiences that you help a family to create in honoring the life that they shared with their precious pet. Look internally at what you and your team do best – and then do THIS for the pet parents.

Yep. Think inside the box. I give you permission.

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