On this day, Mico´s birthday, I celebrate her and what she brought to my life!
I remember the day in May, 1998, when I brought her home. She was all of two pounds – and feisty! Guessing at her age as she had been dropped off at the shelter, in a box on the front door, they guessed her to be around 4 – 5 weeks old. So, I did the math – and put March 19th as her birthday! From that day forward, that day was always full of parties and celebrations! She always knew that it was her special day – and couldn´t wait for her presents – and her cake! How do they seem to know that?! I fell in love immediately – and with each passing day, my love for her grew! Today, I celebrate this little dog´s life – and how she changed and shaped my entire world as I now do my work daily in pet loss BECAUSE of her,… Mico, Mommy loves you and misses you!

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