Hawkeye shows his love for his master and friend

It was a tragedy heard round the world, the loss of numerous Navy SEALs in combat. A loss that breaks anyone´s heart; tugging at my heart even more with a son-in-law SEAL.
But, what began to tug even more so at hearts was a photo taken at U.S. Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson´s funeral in Rockford, Iowa. A photo showing unconditional love at its finest – Jon´s buddy, Hawkeye, his loyal friend, not leaving his master´s side, even when his master lie in a casket.
Huge kudos to the Hauser Funeral Home staff for supporting this act of love. An act that, as described to me by Mr. Allan Whiteside, funeral director and manager of the Hauser Funeral Home, made all of the sense in the world. For, as Mr. Whiteside said “Hawkeye was a huge part of Jon´s life. Therefore, it only made sense that he was a part of this too. It´s what Jon would´ve wanted. It´s what all of his friends wanted, and needed.”
While the Navy SEAL´s team was mostly in charge of the arrangements for Jon´s service, the Hauser team was there to support their every need. Therefore, when it was mentioned that Hawkeye should be there, Mr. Whiteside said “we were all for this, too. Having Hawkeye there was an incredibly appropriate thing to do.”
So, again, kudos to the Hauser team for supporting this act of love!
And, now I turn to you – as pet care professionals, we are serving pet parents every day in our business. Are you proactively asking if there´s a pet at home that should also be involved in the final arrangements; a part of the visitation, a part of the service, given a chance to say their “good-byes?”
For, although, these may not be deaths that were broadcast nationally, these people are heroes in someone´s eyes. And, that someone possibly might have four legs.