Welcome Berky. Remembering Mico.

Yes, my day started off with a heavy heart as I remembered this day nine years earlier when Mico died. I had foolishly thought the surgery would take her back to the “old normal” – the vivacious little puppy that was my entire world! But, it wasn´t to be – and April 21st will always come with a set of emotions for me that span from sadness because she is gone – to gratefulness in what she has done for me in my mission and in my work. I will eternally be grateful to her for the lessons she taught me and for being such a large “chapter” in my life!

So while the day was a bit heavy – it was also an exciting day,…. a day that Wes and Amy welcomed into their life a little “canardly” (when one “can hardly” tell what the breed(s) are!)! Oh the text was amazing! A photo and a message straight from Mommy-Amy that read “Welcome to Your New Grand-Furbaby – Berky!” I almost cried as I thought about what the adoption of this little pup really meant!

Here was a little puppy, 12 weeks old, who was now an integral part of Wes and Amy´s life journey. Their journey that started off with their marriage chapter now has another chapter, one with a wiggly, black little puppy. A puppy who would now be a large part of photos, of travel planning, of social planning, of stories, of Christmas traditions, of her own rituals, and would grow into this being with a personality that will forever change them. A doggie that now organically will be a part of their new young life together and of the many adventures that await them during this time!

So while this day was bittersweet for me – with the adoption of Berky, I couldn´t help but to also remember the day that Mico came home. A two-pound puppy, 5 weeks old, smelling like a shelter,… Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday! It was so exciting! I became this pet-mommy that did everything I could to make sure Mico was happy – was content – and was living a life that every puppy could dream about!

Who would´ve thought that day would change my life and my life´s mission forever?

These animals have an amazing way, don´t they?

Welcome to the family, Berky!