Will I Ever Get Over The Death of My Pet?

This big question is “will I get OVER the death of my pet?”

The smaller component that drives this question is those days when something, who knows what, hits me and all of a sudden, I am crying again over Mico just like that fateful day on April 21, 2003.  In addition, while I do not wonder about that question of “when I´ll get over this,” – others around me are truly the parties that want to know the answer to this.  “Why must she continue to cry?  She is not over the death of this dog yet. There is clearly a problem.”

Yea, I am not “over” it.  Oh my stars do I miss that little girl!  I, personally, am very good with knowing that I will NEVER “get over” the loss of her.  She was a major part of my life – a being that will forever affect me in so many aspects of my day-to-day world.  She taught me things that no two-legged human being could ever even begin to understand, much less teach.

Get over her death?  No – I will continue to get through it – just as I get through every beautiful day.  That is what life is about – taking what we have learned from a relationship, using those lessons within our being, and being a better person because of those nuggets.

Don´t ever tell yourself that you need to “get over” the death of a loved one.  Get through it – that´s all we are wired to do.  Get through it – figure out what you learned from the relationship – use those lessons – and the memories will live on.

Aahhh,… and, really, there´s nothing wrong with a good cleansing cry.  My little girl deserves every tear!

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