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Children and pet loss

My grandson, Jack, is like any fresh-faced amazing five-year old. He's doing everything to figure out the world around him, and I love his perspective.

He knew Big Harry, and loved petting the Big Guy. Harry was just such a memorable dog, with his bigger size, his beautiful eyes, and his gentle nature.

As much as Jack could understand, I told him that Big Harry had died. He nodded his head, and processed it to the level he could. 

But his innocence and matter-of-fact style just amazes me. He'd known months earlier that Harry had died, and when he saw his portrait over the holidays, he said "Coco, that's Big Harry," as he pointed at him in the portrait. I nodded, and he said "Big Harry died." That's it. Nothing more. 

He stared at the picture for a split second more, and then went about his day. I'm not sure I know what was going through his head, but he had processed it in his way. Worked for me. 

Some day I'll ask him in more detail what he was thinking. 

Again, I love their innocence... 

What's been your experience? Share... I'm anxious to hear. 

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