Every day I revisit my “why” as it truly gives me the strength, power, motivation and oomph to go do more and be better in my journey!

For anyone who’s been in my Pet Loss classes, (if you haven’t done one of them yet, make that a part of your 2020 resolutions to attend one!) you know I talk a lot about the “why.” As it is a part of the opening session in my class, I have everyone do some reflection and dig deep within their own being and see if they know their “why.” Some do. Some don’t.

I was having an email conversation this morning with a past attendee of my class, who has now become a dear friend! She shared some interesting insights with me. She said, “your communication (about another subject matter) comes at a weird time for me as I have been struggling since our class with my “why.” Then I watched that video you posted (on Facebook) about finding our WHY. I have felt since class I am not sure I know my WHY. Then for some reason today, I was reading this (an article I’d crafted about her and her practice), after I had just sat with this super nice couple who said good-bye on the driveway in the rain to their Great Pyrenees Sully. Sully’s dad said to me “I hope you’ll come back in 30 years for me and Kathryn,” all the while sobbing over Sully saying “such a nice way to die” and “it couldn’t be any better,” I know we hear this all the time but why today did it ring differently? I’m not sure.”

“Then driving home I open your email and there is was. My WHY. It has been in front of my face all this time and I never realized it. From my website: Devoted to ensuring your pet’s final chapter is written to include as much comfort and dignity as possible.”

My Friend’s own personal experience was with her beloved dog, Kelley. My Friend said “I always knew she taught me so much and I thank her for that. I had no idea how much. For some reason today, it just clicked. For that…thank you. I feel more complete knowing my WHY!”

I love this story on so many levels. One, I’m such a believer in walking in passion. I love photo with my quote on the halls of the Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneur studies at FHSU. Know your why! Number two, I love the realization that the “why” can be a feeling. It’s the culmination of all of those elements that might be the rain, the emotion, the feelings, and the universe all lining up to say “THIS is why you’ve been put in this space! THIS. IS. YOU!” What an amazing feeling, for anyone!

Walk in passion and purpose, My Friends. And, know that the deep profound answer of what that means for you might just be in the rain, on a driveway, with another soul who needed you right at that moment.


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